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ELI’s 7 Things You Should Know Series

Awesome series of two-page information sheets on a variety of current tech applications and concepts put together by the Educause Learning Initiative.  Learn about VoiceThread, Skype, LuLu, Flickr, Second Life, and more!

7 Things You Should Know About…

If you have trouble accessing pages at the above link (I did), you can view all of the info sheets at the following link as well.

ELI 7 Things You Should Know – 52 Resources


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Photo Sharing Resources

Online Photo Sharing in Plain English from CommonCraft.com:

How Photo Sharing Works


Newbie’s Guide to Flickr

How to Use Flickr: Basics and Beyond

How to Use Flickr (video)

How to Use Flickr Groups

How to Edit Photos in Flickr:

BigHugeLabs – Home of Flickr toys – make motivational posters, magazine covers, Andy Warhol-type images, and much more with your Flickr images!

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